Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jakes Diapers For Peru

Jake's Diapers For Peru is an organization that send cloth diapers to the orphans of Peru.
 About a 6 months ago i got an email from my Dan&Leah Diaper page asking if id like to help these adorable little orphans. Stephanie and Ann the founders of Jake's Diapers For Peru explained to me this. 

Here's my story.(Stephanie)  Two years ago I went on a mission trip to Peru. While there, we visited an orphanage where they were re-using disposable diapers. This year, a return trip is being planned. This experience has led to the desire to make an impact in the lives of children, one cloth diaper at a time. We (my friend Ann & I) have started Jake's Diapers for Peru. We're collecting donations of new and used diapers and supplies to take to the orphanage. Because of the excitement and interest we've generated so far, we've decided that once we have enough diapers for the orphanage, we're going to continue on and keep Jake's Diapers going as a diaper bank for children in need, wherever they may be.
After speaking with her and reading this I decided i wanted to help. What a wonderful thing to do , these beautiful children in need needed my help to.

Seeing these pictures , how could i not help? I do have the resources to help. I make Dan&Leah Diapers and I have decided yes I will diaper as many of these children that I can. I have two babies in diapers, Daniel and Leah, I have plenty of diapers that my babies grow out of that I will be sending along with diapers that did/do not sell in our store. I will also be sending other things for the older children , Jake's Diapers excepts any thing child/baby related that you want to send. they will also match what you send. 100% of donations go right to these children in need.

                                      If you would like to help these children you can do so here.

                             If you would like to help Dan&Leah Diapers donate please click here.

 You can also help by buying diapers threw Dan&Leah Diapers we will make the diapers and send them out and send you a tracking number so you can track your diaper donation. Thank you so much for reading and thank you so much for your help :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Closer Look At Dan&Leah Diapers

This diaper has been discontinued and a new diaper is soon to be released :) 

I have been waiting a long time for this moment, a moment where I could share our diapers with a larger crowd . We are always making improvements and have came a VERY  VERY long way with our skills and every thing it takes to make a diaper. With lots of tear shed and lots of joy this journey has really had its ups and downs, lots of heart break and lots of joy. 

It has not been easy to get to where we are now. We only hope to grow even more as we continue to introduce our diapers to the world. With plans for an all new Dan&Leah Diaper that is top secret right now. I thought I would introduce our existing diapers to every one that has not seen our diapers yet.

But before i do I would also like to say a few more things about our diapers. 
Every one that is following my blog I am sure has read our story on why we started doing this. If not please do! Its our story and I was very happy to share it, and I think you will enjoy reading it, Its the (Who I Am Blog). We usually make diapers custom and this is why we do not have such a big selection in our etsy store. This will soon change as i am working on new things every day. But we let our customers pick just about every thing they want in a diaper, the only thing we will not do is use some one else's pattern. We made our patter and would like to stick to it.
Our patter was designed to be slim and have a very trim fit. 

Here are some action shots from one of our fans, his name is Ryker
Ryker is wearing a fitted so it is a bit puffier

side view , these are all AI2s

Here is Tony and his mom Micha ,such a cute little newborn and mom looks great,  just after having little Tony. Micha is also Rykers mom from the pictures above. Such a beautiful family!

Here is John Tyler a very handsome little man, sporting some of his Dan&Leah Diapers. Such a sweet little boy!

Here are some pictures of our diapers not in action
The front closed .

The back closed

Front opened

Insides open, the soaker is long so when the diaper is stretched the soaker will go from front to back. it has a double soaker, and it snaps in.

here are the front snaps a better picture of the stitching also

A picture of the wing nice even stitching and snaps

Stitching of the snap in soaker

I hope you have enjoyed this blog. If you would like to check out our diapers. Follow the links below :) Thank you for reading!

We are also on google 

We use ONLY Kam Snaps on our diapers. Only the best!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cloth Safe Laundry Detergents

Cloth Safe Laundry Detergents 

Every one that uses cloth diapers on their little ones I'm sure is aware that you can only use certain detergents on your diapers. Right? Well not always, so that's why i wanted to write a blog on what detergents ARE in fact safe and what detergents are not. 

We in our house have very very HARD water. There for we find the only thing that works well for us is a mix of Soap Nuts, Oxyclean/Oxy-Boost, and plain ole Blue Dawn. We tend to use the Oxy/or Boost and Blue Dawn together and rotate every other wash with Soap Nuts. When we start to get the stink the only thing that will strip our diapers is RLR and Blue Dawn. After many fails at bleach and destroyed diapers from bleach we have ditched the bleach all together. 

Did you know that bleach is a carcinogenic? What is a carcinogenic? It causes cancer, bleach once it's in the body it CAN NOT be detoxed. Once it's there it's always there. I know I know.... But we rinse our diapers SO many times after the bleaching that it washes off. Well I'm not so sure about that fact, because if it cant be detoxed then does it really all rinse off the diapers?.... Food for thought, I cant tell you Yes it does or No it does not because i don't really know my self. But it was enough for me to ditch the bleach. 

So what are Soap Nuts, and how do i use them?
What are Soap Nuts?
 The soap nut comes from the Soapnut Tree (Sapindus mukorossi). The trees produce the small black berry, approximately one inch (2-2.5 cm) in diameter, that are deseeded and the shell is dried prior to use. 
How do Soap Nuts work?

Soap Nuts act like a detergent. They contain saponin, an all-natural surfactant. Conventional detergents are manufactured, chemical surfactants. Surfactants work by breaking the surface tension of water so it can more easily penetrate into fabrics, effectively making water “wetter.” Once wet, the agitation of your washing machine (or your hands) shakes the dirt loose from your clothes. Then Soap Nuts’ saponin holds the dirt in suspension in the water (preventing it from re-depositing on your clothes) until you’ve rinsed it away.
When buying nuts never buy with the seeds in. The seeds will stain your clothes , and it takes up weight when shipping. so why pay more? 
How do i use soap nuts?

For laundry all you do is put about 5-7 nuts in a wash bag. Drop the washing bag of nuts in the washer with the clothes or cloth diapers. You will want to use warm water, the saponin only releases in warm water. Don't worry when you don't see suds in your laundry. They wont suds that much but trust me, they work.
Did you know you can also use soap nuts for many other things?
Shampoo , dishes, cleaning and many other things? I will write a blog about this later, but yes you sure can :)
OxyClean/ Oxy-Boost What is it?
  It is sodium percarbonate: a solid form of hydrogen peroxide bonded with natural soda ash. It is a white, odorless, free flowing powder. It is activated by water where it releases oxygen which prov- ides cleaning and stain removal. Unlike chlorine based bleaches, sod- ium percarbonate is non-toxic and biodegradable.

How do you use it?
I am pretty sure it depends on how hard or soft your water is. 
For us we use one whole scoop full in one diaper wash. 
My best advice is play around with it till you get it right :) The harder the water the more you want to use. The softer the water the less you want to use.

Blue Dawn 

We all know that it is mainly a dish soap, but why is it a favorite in cloth diapering? 
Well, remember those commercials where the blue dawn was cleaning the oil off the ducks from an oils spill? It is AMAZING at breaking down oils and build up! so it works the same way with cloth diapers. You can use it for every wash load or every other, like we do. Or just use it to strip your diapers, this we also do. 

How much should you use in a wash or strip?
For us what i do i full my palm up with it, i use about a TBS and i rinse till there are no more suds. You don't want your little one getting a rash because you didn't rinse good enough. Ive made this mistake before, and its no fun for the little ones. 

The above is what we use , you might need something different. So that is why i added the following link 

I hope this blog has helped you find the detergent that's right for your diapers.

Put 5 - 7 soapnut shells (or equivalent half shells) into the muslin washbag, tie bag securely. - See more at:
Put 5 - 7 soapnut shells (or equivalent half shells) into the muslin washbag, tie bag securely. - See more at:

Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Cream

Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Cream

Lots of parents are reverting back to cloth diapering, my self being one of those parent's. When cloth diapering you cant use your average diaper rash cream  it has to be cloth safe.
We have tried many diaper rash creams that have almost destroyed our diapers. With trying so many and being so disappointed i decided to do lots of research and playing around with salves.  I didn't want just a rash cream. i wanted a rash cream that was safe, all natural, cloth diaper safe,  I wanted it to kill yeast and smell good. So i came up with a product we call (Babies Balm). 

Our Babies Balm is 100% all natural. it has not one chemical in it. It is safe and very effective at stopping rash,  helping to heal rash, and killing yeast, and to top it off it smells wonderful. 

Its made of raw butters, oils, herbs , and some of the best Therapeutic grade oils essential oils on the market. It comes in 4oz jars the texture is firm in its jar. Rub your finger on it to soften it, it will almost melt to the touch but remains firm in the jar. It almost feels like petroleum jelly. But no worries its far from.

 We  recently got some rather extraordinary feedback on our Babies Balm. 
Not only have we got numerous responses about how well the cream has worked and helped kill yeast rash. but it has also helped heal eczema , and helped in healing cracked feet from a woman that had diabetes. Another woman had a skin condition for years and she has tried every thing she says to heal the skin condition nothing worked for her until she tried our babies balm. 
For us we also love it! Its all we use on our babies.

                                                Here is where you will find This Babies Balm


Who I Am

My name is, Christin

I am a mom of 5 and counting. My children are Hailey(9) , Donald "AKA Bub" (7) , April (4) , Daniel (21 Mo) , and Leah (7 Mo). I have a wonderful husband, Jason. 
I'm am a WHAM (Work At Home Mom) 

What do I do?
Well, I  make cloth diapers(Dan&Leah Diapers), clothes, toys, just about any thing for children and mothers.

How do I do all of this with 5 children ? 
Haha, its not easy AT ALL.
Lets just say long nights and LONG days with a cup of coffee and faith that one day it will get easier.
But seriously, here is how.
I wake up around 5-6 am every morning but Saturday mornings, that's my only day off. I drink my coffee and think about what I'm going to do for the day, make breakfast for children get dressed and ready for the day. Kids wake up get them dressed and ready for the day feed them , nurse the baby then check emails and get school work together for the little ones and orders and all the good stuff. Then start sewing and cutting by the time i get one or two things done its time to stop feed kids again change diaper's, Yes i said (diaper's) both Daniel and Leah are in diapers. SO, after all of this work then I get back to work sewing some more diapers. After about one or two more its time to nurse again and snacks for children then nap time. Then back to work sewing some more. and the story goes on, you can only guess whats going to happen next, right? lol... Then bed time and getting ready for the next day and so on.

So you might ask, Why are you doing this? 
Well it all started when Daniel was born. He was born Oct 14th 2011 at around 5:45 pm 7lbs7oz 19in tall Red hair and a head full of it to. The Drs told us we could go home a day or two after he was born. We went home and rushed him back to the Drs for a check up. his Jaundice levels where to high so we had to rush him to the hospital. This is where every thing started going down hill. he was there for 3days. he came in running a fever but the hospital staff just said he was fine there was nothing wrong with him. after 3 days of still having a fever they sent us home and said he would be fine. before we left the hospital he started getting a horrible diaper rash. every time i would feed him he would just poop it right back out and his little but would bleed so bad. he could not wear disposable diapers he had layers of skin peeling off. but the Drs said he was fine once again , so we took him home. The next day he became completely none responsive .  We rushed him to MUSC one of the best hospitals in the US which is about two hours away from where we live. 

We get to MUSC and they start an IV and ask us to leave the ER room he was in. We where being bombarded with questions, WHY DIDN'T YOU BRING HIM IN SOONER? we had to explain he was at another hospital Trident Hospital they sent us home with him like this, they said he was fine. Well after a spinal and other lab tests they start him on 3 antibiotics in his IV and sent us upstairs. later that night about 12 hours later they said after having all these antibiotics he would start to do better, well Daniel was doing worse not better. the Dr said he's just not fighting this virus its beating him. =,(  I think that was some of the worst news i had ever heard. How do you cope with the thought that your newborn baby might die? ... all i could do was cry, i stood over him crying and crying telling him how much i loved him , how much i care for him, how amazing he was, how much i needed him. I begged him to hold on and fight i begged him and begged him! Not one moment did i leave his side , not even to use the bathroom or eat. The Drs came back in and said okay, he is not doing any better we have to send him to ICU . So to the ICU we went thinking he might not make it.... Well he started to not get any better or worse he just stayed the same for a day or two. Still not good but at least he was not getting worse. His little body just laying there almost lifeless . Any time I needed to shower or any thing i strolled him by the bathroom door, i would not eat till some one brought me food. My husband had to work so he was only there in the evenings and at night with us. We had a sitter watching the other children. 

A day or so later Daniel opened his eyes  =D the joy that flooded my heart made me cry and literally jump for joy. I ran out of the hospital ICU room and shouted (HE OPENED HIS EYES !!! HE OPENED HIS EYES!!) The nurses came running in smiling and telling him Hello and they where jumping for joy with me. Words can not describe how happy I really was. The Drs let me hold him and even Nurse him =D HE ATE! The next day we got out of ICU but he still was very sick. after another week of being there he wound up getting another infection and had to be treated AGAIN . But after almost another week we got to go home. =) Daniel was Alive and doing well!!!! 

His little butt tho was still blistered. So i went and got a bunch of fabric and started making cloth diapers. I had NO CLUE they where popular again. we made our own pattern, and fiddling around on Facebook and the Internet and discovered a few blogs and groups for cloth diapering. I posted a pic of the cloth diaper I made for Daniel and got a huge response from it. We went threw many of our own patterns lots of hours of learning and making and tears of joy and of just wanting to give up. But because of little Daniel and his horrible rash we kept going. We tried so many cloth diapers and he was just so small that most did not work for us. Because we just could not find a diaper right for us we just kept at it at making our own.Well when Daniel was about 6 months old we found out we where pregnant again and it was a little girl. She arrived Dec 24th 2012 weighing a whopping 8lbs and 9oz and 20inches tall with a head full of black hair! 
Naturally i made diapers for her also. At this point i wanted to name my diapers, but what to name them? boy, we thought of SO many names. My first thought was Tiny Heine's . But that was taken and so where all the other names. But i got to thinking, do i really want to name my diapers some random name JUST like most other people do? No offence to any other WHAMS that may be reading this, because there are some really really cute names and if they would not have been taken i totally would have taken on one of them. But I thought , why not name them after the children I made them for in the first place? Daniel and Leah... hhmmm.... Dan&Leah I like it!   (Dan&Leah Diapers). 

How are our diapers different?
Well , we didn't buy our pattern. We made our diapers by measuring and fiddling around and what worked best for Daniel. Daniel is super small  so this is how our diapers "where" made ,small. But Leah is not so small, she is my chunky monkey. So I had to make a diaper that would also fit her. I am happy to say that I'm happy with the fit we have now. But I think any and every thing always has room for improvement. But at the moment I'm very happy with our pattern and don't see any need for improvement. 
We do have an all NEW diaper that we are working on that is top secret right now as far as details and pictures go. But this diaper will Truly look and function differently then any diaper i have ever seen before. We are working hard to get it finished and patented so we can start the market for them. I'm very excited about this diaper and i know all of you will be and will love them to! 

How can you find our diapers/products?
Here are our links
Our Etsy Store

Our Facebook Group
                                                                        Our Fb Group

Our Facebook Page

Will we keep making diapers after Daniel and Leah are out of diapers?
Yes we will. I did say five children AND counting ;) 
and i look forward to it also. It gives us time grow and get better at what it is that we do. 

We will have plenty more blogs to post soon, please stay tuned