Monday, May 18, 2015

How my sewing job is becoming a hobby and not a job.

Hello my name is Christin and I am the owner and creator at Simply Cloth Diapers By Dan & Leah and Simply Children's Apparel . 

My job is creating and making a fun and unique clothing line for your awesome children and to create and make the cutest cloth diapers ever for your infants and tots! I love my job really I do and I believe that's why its been so successful for me. But for me success in it is not my only goal there are many reasons of why I do what I do, not only for my children but for yours also. 

You see I started this who thing because of my son Daniel, he was born a happy healthy boy October 2011 but just days after he was born our life spiraled into a terrifying ray of horror. Our worst nightmares where unfolding right in front of us as we watched our sons health decline and the doctors told us to say our goodbyes. How can you say goodbye to this perfect baby whom we just met and welcomed into our lives we had only just met him and fell so deeply in love with him! How could we say goodbye?! 

Well I couldn't and I wouldn't ! I sat by him EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of the day and night! I didn't leave his side not once. Yes every time I went to the bathroom I had the door wide open talking to him I could see him every time I ate I had someone bring me food so I wouldn't have to leave his side. I talked to him day and night, night and day ! I sang to him I prayed for him I told him how much we needed him, how much we love him and how much we would miss him and how heart broken we would be if he left us. When I slept I slept holding his hand or foot feeling his pules sitting in the chair next to him. He was not responsive until one day I was talking to him and he opened his eyes! Words can NOT describe the emotion and thrill it was like nothing I had ever felt before. Then every day he got better and better! To make a long story short my guy lived and about two weeks after he opened his eyes we finally got to bring him back home! 

Now he suffers with kidney problems and many other things but we don't let this get us down because still to this day we look back and thank GOD that we have our sweet boy. He is truly a blessing! 

So back to why I started this whole diaper and clothing thing. My son couldn't wear disposable diapers we tried them all from the most expensive brands to the cheapest brands and found that all of them blistered his little but . I didn't know what to do but my hubby said just use cloth diapers. I was like use WHAT?! Yeah right ! NO WAY! But I didn't really have a choice did I? SO I bought a few and then went to the fabric store and found some cute fabrics I liked and started doodling around on my sewing machines. I was big into crafts and sewing because of my grandmothers , as a child I was always into sewing with them. Well I had NO clue that cloth diapers were becoming popular again. After I had posted a few pictures on my facebook I got a huge response for them and at the time not even thinking about selling them I was just proud of my work , and over the years I've became better and better at it until I finally decided to make it official and go full force with it and make my diapers into a brand. 

I honestly and truly love sewing and creating such cute and unique products its so fun and exciting to see the products on people who enjoy the items. I also love getting custom orders because they offer me new ideas to be able to launch in my stores and share with others,  you can see  One of my stores here.

Recently I have discovered a new way to make money that I also enjoy that truly works . At first I was like no way! But then I looked closer and decided , well why not just give it a try? So I did and I can not begin to tell you how much this has changed my life. My job with sewing is becoming a hobby again! While I love sewing and creating , doing all the paperwork and so on for it is a LOT of work but now I can afford to higher some help. That's not all though because now I am able to live a bit more freely and actually spend more time with my family! While I am still new to this business and still have a ways to grow with it , it really does work as long as you do what it says and you really try with it. Its paid for the costs that I put into it and paid for me to take my children to the water park this past week and given me a little extra. I know that doesn't sound like a lot , but like I said I am still new and I want to be 100% honest with you all. I see more potential with this business and I see it soon. I will continue to update this post so that you can all see my success with this business I am trying out. 

If you would like to know more about it just click here  

Thank you all for reading I am super excited about this and can not wait to be able to share my experience with you