Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Simply Cloth By Dan & Leah , Simply Cloth Diapers, There's a NEW diaper in town!

There's a NEW diaper in town ,the S Diaper
S for Simple
This diaper has been discontinued and a new diaper will be released soon :)

 We have been hard at work on this diaper for months now and our testing is finally done!
 Our eyes and ears where open when you where commenting on what would make the perfect diaper , so with that in mind we have strive to provide you with a diaper that  meets all your requests.
With my own two babies in diapers Dan & Leah , a picky husband , and many requests I needed to make a diaper that was easy, worked well and fit well so this is what I came up with. Our first feature is a simple closure.  when it comes to the closure on a diaper
most diapers are only snap or only Velcro. with snap diapers my husband gets very frustrated when diaper changing is his turn. Velcro is easy for you to put on and take off , BUT its also easy for baby to do the same.  
Our NEW diaper features both closures easy for mom and dad to put on (Nice and Simple) hard for baby to take off. No naked baby running around right after you put a diaper on. I'm sure we have all had those diaper changes and then you see poop spots on the floor , then you have to play follow the poop or pee trail to find a naked nasty booty baby. BLAH!


We all have our preferences on what style of diaper we like. but unfortunately when you buy a pocket, its just a pocket , a cover is just a cover, an Ai2 is only an Ai2 and so on... 
But not this diaper! I prefer Ai2's and some times just a cover and prefold. My husband prefers something that he can just put on the baby and move on with life ( a pocket or Ai2).
With the new S diaper , its thin enough that you can use it as a cover . The best thing about using it as a cover is unlike the traditional cover that can leave baby with a heat rash from being exposed to the PUL. The S diaper has a soft micro fleece inner so no PUL will be exposed to baby's soft sensitive skin , don't like PUL that's fine because we also offer it in Hybrid and it works just as great as PUL. Worried you wont be able to use it over and over like a cover? No worries with the micro fleece inner just wipe it clean , if it gets wet switch it for another S diaper and let the other one dry. 

The NEW S diaper is also a Pocket diaper. 
I do not like when a pocket is on the butt end or front end of a diaper it just does not work for us. I always find that the insert sticks out one end or the other and tries to escape or just doesn't fit right. We have designed ours to be a side pocket with the extra elastic it holds the insert in. The pocket holds the insert perfectly in place. 

The S diaper is also an Ai2.
This is one of my favorite ways to use this diaper is as an Ai2. All you do is snap the insert in and put it on , simple! the inner fabric also helps to hold the insert in place so it wont slip around. 

The NEW S diapers have a button hole elastic so they can adjust to fit babies of all sizes. Though we are working to get it all into one diaper right now we offer the NEW S diaper in 3 adjustable sizes. Each diaper comes set on the 7th hole . I suggest having a diaper on baby while adjusting for the first time. I find that on the 7th hole is what works best for us. after adjusting it one time , you should not have to adjust it any more.Tuck the elastic away after adjusting it.

Our NB diaper has been tested on babies as small as 5 pounds and as big as 15lbs.Our testers loved the fit of this diaper ,  loved how slim it is , works great and seems to be the most comfy diaper on their babies. We are still waiting on a few more testers 

Size 1
Has been tested on babies as small as 15lbs and as big as 35 lbs
Our testers loved the fit, the function , and the look of the diaper , they loved how easy it was to put on.

Size 2
This one is XL this diaper has been tested on babies and toddlers as small as 29lbs and as big as 45 lbs.
These testers loved how the diaper was not bulky , how easy it was to put on , how well it fit under their children's clothes. 

We make this diaper as a Hybrid and a PUL diaper.
Our soakers are super soakers made from hemp, bamboo, and cotton . Each diaper comes with a super soaker. 

For more absorbency simply put an extra soaker in the pocket and either snap in an Ai2 soaker or use your favorite prefold for over night protection.

  Here are some of our testers in action.

This one is before we made the tab change

Here is the Oh so sweet baby girl that was our five pound tester. Isn't she beautiful?

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